Maximise the value of every customer.

Advanced in-store analytics to help retailers increase sales using their existing CCTV cameras and regain trust in their data, all while protecting everyone's privacy.
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Increase sales in every store.

Get even closer to your customers with detailed measures at every step of the shopper journey. Empower your teams to drive more traffic, increase customer loyalty, convert new customers and reduce lost sales.

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Boost in-store productivity.

Always have the right number of staff on the shop-floor by precisely aligning your workforce to customer demand. Real-time insights for your stores accelerate visual merchandising compliance so leadership teams don't need to visit every store.

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Regain trust in your customer counts.

Aura Vision's unique AI accurately segments customers, staff, age ranges and genders across your full retail footprint, giving you more accurate customer-only counts and highlighting where staff are most present.

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Digitise your stores in minutes.

Our plug & play setup saves you time, money and hassle of installing hundreds of sensors because it works with all leading security camera brands, including the ones already in your store.

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What our clients say...

“Our teams can now make decisions in days rather than months or years. Using Aura Vision’s insights we were able to see immediately which stores were underperforming because of slow transaction speeds so we could take effective action to improve conversion rates.”

Operations Development & Continuous Improvement, Global Telecommunications Retailer.

“Aura Vision is our secret weapon to improve our showroom performance. Working with Aura Vision we can now measure customer footfall, even with high numbers of showroom associates.”

Chief Retail Officer, High-growth D2C Brand

“After the national lockdowns our customer traffic patterns changed drastically. We’re now regaining some control by understanding external factors like passers-by outside the store. This is helping us target our stores more appropriately and measure the impact of our marketing campaigns more precisely.”

Contents Marketing Team, Global Sportswear Brand
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