Onitsuka Tiger x Aura Vision

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Daniel Martinho-Corbishley
Enabling Onitsuka Tiger's team to become data driven decision makers

About Onitsuka Tiger 🛍

Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese sports fashion brand by Onitsuka Shōkai, a sports shoes company founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka. Onitsuka Co. was originally founded in 1949, later merging with GTO Co. and JELENK Co. in 1977. Following the merger, the company officially formed “ASICS”. Today, under the umbrella of the ASICS company are the ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger brands. 

Requirement 📝

OT's success comes from their product uniqueness and what it stands for. Onitsuka Tiger started out with a commitment to promoting health for youth, and since then, the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes have become symbolic for an athletic brand. Its stores offer a luxurious experience to visitors, for example its flagship store in London is designed to resemble a brand art gallery to allow customers to “fully enjoy the world of Onitsuka Tiger,” and at the centre of the ground floor area is a marble shoe wall featuring three types of stone.

The OT team needed a way to measure footfall, and track user navigation throughout the stores to better understand their behaviour and engagement with the different offerings presented by the brand. A key requirement was to measure every zone within the store, as their current footfall counters didn’t provide coverage beyond the entrances. As the store had just been refitted with a comprehensive CCTV security system, Onitsuka wanted to harness their existing infrastructure to minimise additional uplift on installation of many new sensors.

Solution 💡

Aura Vision met the demands of the Onitsuka Tiger. With our technology offering total privacy and ownership of the analytics using the CCTV cameras infrastructure, the team was able to calculate the number of customers in each area, the dwell duration and product / marketing engagement, which helps them to adjust the product display layout and test new products, optimise customer movement between departments, and ultimately enhance consumer shopping experience.

Value 💸

Using Aura Vision’s dashboard has become an important part in Onitsuka Tiger’s users data analysis and overall strategy. Trading teams have been able to pinpoint exactly which external factors are affecting store traffic and revenue with passer-by counts and more accurate staff segmented footfall counts.

Marketing and store design teams gain insights into the direct impacts of their visual merchandising decisions and store layout initiatives. Finally, a large challenge for Store Managers was alleviated, allowing them to now take a proactive and predictive approach to staffing allocations.

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