Actionable Data For Smarter Decisions

Increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience using your existing cameras with the most powerful AI solution on the market today.

Drive traffic with effective marketing

Discover which marketing campaigns and window displays are best at converting passer-bys into prospective customers with high accuracy traffic counts inside and outside the store.

Target the right customer demographics

Comprehensive age and gender segmentation provides full insight into how different types of customer use your stores, so you can design your experiences to fully engage your target audiences.

Design even more enticing experiences

Engaging customers is a critical to increasing sales. See exactly where customers spend their time to optimise store utilisation and identify the best performing concepts that maximise conversion.

Reduce queue times and lost sales

Long queues and high wait times are the most common reason for customers to abandon their purchases. Aura Vision empowers teams to deliver the best customer experiences that minimise lost sales opportunities.

Measure precise sales conversion

Accurate customer-only counts, age filtering, segmented staff and sales data integration mean you can measure sales conversion performance more accurately than ever before.

What else is possible?

Do more with the same staffing hours

Always have the right number of staff present by precisely aligning your staff rotas to customer demands.

Ensure store compliance

Get a quick view into every store & identify issues with visual merchandising or stock replenishment .

Instant visibility into store performance

Pinpoint why your stores are under or over-performing with concise reports that integrate with your sales data.

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