In-store visibility in 5 minutes.

Take action in real-time with an intuitive dashboard with unlimited users, email reports and API.

How it works

Plug & play setup

Simply connect our APUs to the internet and your in-store security camera system to start measuring your entire store in minutes. Aura Vision is compatible with all leading IP security camera brands that support RTSP or ONVIF. Check your camera compatibility here.

Using analogue cameras? No problem. Aura Vision works with analogue camera streams using digital encoders.


No-code AI Personalization

Our team works closely with yours to identify zones of interest for engagement. We train AI on your staff outfits and conduct fully transparent accuracy audits.

Our hardware is powered by cutting-edge architecture, offering high-performance and power-efficient computation for our AI algorithms.

Monitor & collect data down to the second

Our highly optimised AI and dashboard with unlimited user login accounts offers real-time data alerting that is tailored to your needs. It notifies you about important customer events as soon as they happen.

By integrating with your sales data Aura Vision measures conversion rates at both store level and department level. We work with any PoS provider.


Security & End-To-End Data Encryption

We partner with Auth0, the most trusted authentication provider in the industry to enable a range of sign-in options including SSO, LDAP and Multi-Factor authentication.

More on security


Aura Vision never stores or transmits personal data from video cameras. Our AI can be deployed in public spaces and retail stores in any country, as it complies with the world's most stringent personal data regulations.

Video is turned into anonymous count analytics by APUs on-premise and discarded immediately during normal operational. Only anonymous count analytics are then transferred to Aura Vision's cloud Insight Platform.

More on privacy

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