We’re on a mission

To enable retailers to maximise the value of every brick-and-mortar location using their existing cameras infrastructure.

About Us

We founded Aura Vision in 2017 because we were excited about the potential of a new type of AI technique called "Deep Learning". When we applied these algorithms to low-quality security camera footage, we found for the first time that we could accurately count and estimate the demographics of every person.

Combined with our experience in retail, we set out to use our technology to help retailers leverage the power of their existing security cameras and maximise the value of their stores.

Our founders, Daniel and Jaime, first demonstrated the video processing technology at the University of Southampton's Dragon's Den competition as they completed their PhDs in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. They then went on to found Aura Vision and exhibited the first prototype of Aura Vision at CES, Las Vegas with the support of Future Worlds, drumming up the first customer and investor interest. They joined the famous Y Combinator accelerator in early 2019, and moved to Silicon Valley for 3 months to raise a $2.1M seed round. Throughout the global pandemic Aura Vision helped retailers adapt their stores to enhance customer safety, and now we’re continuing to help retailers maximise the value of their customers in the new era of omnichannel shopping.

Aura Vision has since grown its team in London and continues to empower retailers and lead the way with the world's most scalable in-store analytics solution available today.

Our Values

We aim to be the most scalable solution for retailers
We help our clients to engage every customer
Our strategy is a continuous improvement process
We are guided by data
We empower everyone to work smarter
Our priority is to protect individual's privacy

Office culture

Aura Vision's head office is based in the heart of trendy Shoreditch in London, an eclectic area filled with young creatives, edgy night clubs and artisan coffee shops! We value transparent communication and acceptance of new ideas and experiences. Our team is driven to deliver the best to our clients and to each other at all times. We strive to be our authentic selves and love hanging out on Fridays.

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