Neighborhood Goods x Aura Vision

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Daniel Martinho-Corbishley
Enabling Neighborhood Goods to be an insight platform for it's brand partners

About Neighborhood Goods 🛍

Neighborhood Goods is an American department store that features the landscape of the world’s brands, products, and concepts. Launched in 2017 by Matt Alexander & Mark Masinter, it caters to the modern consumer with a selection of rotating brands and innovative restaurants. It offers online brands who want to move into bricks and mortar an efficient  way to do so, without having to commit to a long term lease. Neighborhood Goods is now at 3 locations in New York, Plano and Austin, Texas. 

Requirement 📝

Neighborhood Goods had previously invested in an alternative footfall counting approach, however as the brand grew to partner with multiple brands and locations, their team's data requirements changed and the solution’s offering was no longer satisfactory. 

Neighborhood Goods needed to have brand-level data & insights per store zones for transparent communication with the brands that are present on their store shelves. This is particularly important for NG because new brands need to see how they're performing at driving and engaging traffic and gaining brand exposure in NG's store beyond raw sales data, and with which demographics they're engaging most.

And as it’s always innovating & experimenting for growth, the operations team wanted to start running product & marketing layout experiments to optimise their placements for traffic. The retailer's goal was to become a data platform for their client brands. 

Their team identified 3 jobs to be done by the new analytics solution that would enable them to become an insight platform for their brand partners‍:

✅ Accurate and consistent real time data from their CCTV footage

✅ The ability to compare data between different in-store zones and store locations 

✅ Data collection of customer engagement per product zones for external reporting

Solution 💡

Aura Vision's unique AI accurately reports in real-time data from multiple locations on the dashboard & segments customers, staff, age ranges and genders across stores, giving Neighborhood Goods a more accurate customer-only count and highlighting where staff are most present.

Without the need for a new IT infrastructure, our plug & play setup saved loads of time, money and hassle of installing hundreds of sensors.  NG’s operations, marketing & visual merchandising teams could analyse data per product zone to support their innovative practices, their reporting internally and with client brands. 

Value 💸

Just a few months after onboarding Aura Vision across all stores, Neighborhood Goods regained trust in their customer counts and identified a clear strategy for growth.

First, to improve their customer lifetime value, they started reporting weekly traffic and product impressions. Neighborhood Goods became a data platform for their brand partners. By communicating to them insight beyond conversion, their clients where able to review their sales funnel, identify recurring trends and conversion drivers.

Second, the Customer Experience & Store Design team was able to tailor messaging and product range to meet customer demand at a local level, the data extracted provided them with valuable insights such as: 

👉Customer engagement at entrance ie. window display engagement

👉Store utilisation of areas and departments 

👉Plan, test and iterate store designs

👉New product launch impacts

And lastly, the finance teams could access more accurate and comprehensive measures of sales performance including:

👉Accurate conversion rate and customer counts

👉Comprehensive sales performance reporting

👉External factors impacting sales 

👉Transaction rates at tills

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