Tonal: Ushering in a New Era of Home Fitness with Fresh Funding and Leadership

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Ghita EL Haitmy
Tonal: Ushering in a New Era of Home Fitness with Fresh Funding and Leadership

In an exciting turn of events, Tonal, the weight training platform known for its innovative approach to home fitness, has announced a series of strategic shifts. The company has secured $130 million in a new funding round, spearheaded by major investors including Cobalt, Dragoneer, Kindred Ventures, and THVC . Alongside this fresh injection of capital, the company has also undergone a significant change in leadership.

Krystal Zell, who has recently taken over as CEO from the company's founder, Aly Orady, is leading Tonal into its next phase. Having previously been Tonal's president, Zell has a deep understanding of the company's operations and objectives. Her previous role encompassed oversight of revenue, sales, marketing, product, and content. Zell, who brings to the table her expertise in e-commerce from a five-year stint as Home Depot's Chief Customer Officer, has shared her vision for Tonal's future:

"I think a big part of my role was just trying to figure it out as the market was shifting from a massive growth at all costs into a measured growth and path to profitability. The skills I was able to bring to the table are more about how to drive very disciplined, profitable growth."

While Tonal is committed to profitability, it is equally focused on value creation and customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, Zell is considering several strategic actions:

  • Targeted Marketing: Tonal plans to cast a more targeted net in its marketing efforts. The company aims to shift from top-line marketing to bottom-of-funnel marketing, in order to more effectively reach its audience and drive performance.
  • Staff Optimization: The company has made tough choices to ensure its long-term sustainability, including reducing its workforce. This move was seen as a necessary step to better align its operations with its new growth trajectory.
  • Supply Chain Alignment: Tonal is making considerable efforts to align its supply chain with its current and future needs. As Zell noted, "we will have a supply chain that is nicely lined up to match" following the completion of fundraising.
  • Product Roadmap Adaptation: Tonal is considering adjustments to its product roadmap to better meet consumer demand and market trends.

Part of Tonal's new strategic approach includes exploring additional brick and mortar options. The company currently has its system available in five stores, along with some Nordstrom locations. To maximise the value of these retail outlets, Tonal could consider leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology like Aura Vision.

With Aura Vision, Tonal can gain invaluable insights to drive better business decisions:

  • Enhanced Footfall: Aura Vision's technology can help Tonal identify new traffic and conversion opportunities across its stores, using unique customer segmentation technology and industry-leading footfall counting accuracy.
  • Precision Staff Planning: With Aura Vision, Tonal can optimise its staffing resources to better meet customer demand across each store, floor, and department, thereby improving the shopping experience for both customers and staff members.
  • Path to Purchase: Aura Vision can assist Tonal in identifying key moments along the customer journey to drive conversion, helping the company to deliver compelling customer experiences and guide more customers to purchase.
  • Brand Performance Platform: Finally, Aura Vision can provide Tonal with competitive performance insights on product engagement and demographic audiences, helping it to elevate its marketing awareness.

As Tonal embarks on this new path, it is poised to continue revolutionising  the home fitness industry & to navigate the evolving market landscape and emerge as a leader in the home fitness sector. And with the help of technologies like Aura Vision, the company can fully leverage its retail presence, optimize operations, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

We look forward to witnessing the next stage of Tonal's journey and its continued impact on the fitness industry. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting story unfolds.

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