Data VS Privacy - The big balancing act

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Ghita EL Haitmy
Data VS Privacy - The big balancing act

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica incident is just one example in a string of events in recent years that underlines the difficulties of managing information and data privacy in the digital environment.

Businesses across all industries and sizes are under increased pressure to become more data-driven by improving their customer data analytics initiatives. The rise of big data has resulted in increased regulatory framework pertaining to how customer data is collected, processed and used. Many companies are now wrestling with the data utility vs data privacy trade-off in key analytical areas such as personalization and in-store optimization.

The increasing prominence of data privacy regulations; such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), create compliance challenges. This leaves companies facing a few tricky questions.

"How can we use customer data to drive new business opportunities while at the same time protect that data and comply with new, complex regulations"?

"How can companies act ethically, protect their brands, and still become data-driven"?


Aura Vision was designed with privacy in mind, it does not require you to store any personal data or identify individuals within your store. Aura Vision provides demographic analysis without using facial recognition, and works by looking at visual cues such as height, posture and hair colour to accurately calculate shopper demographic. As the EU considers banning facial recognition, the use of facial recognition within retail is becoming increasingly unfeasible.


Aura Vision converts video into anonymous analytics from the source, and the data is aggregated and visualized on a dashboard. This means at no point is an individual at risk of being identified. There is no denying the utility of personal data but it does come with added risk and responsibility. By working with aggregations of data and focussing on patterns and trends we are able to capture commercially valuable insights and protect customer privacy.

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