Smart Retail Serves Retailers and Consumers

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Jamie O'Brien
Smart Retail Serves Retailers and Consumers
What is smart retailing and why does it benefit customers?

Smart retail is a term used to describe a set of smart technologies that are designed to give the consumer a greater, faster, safer, and smarter experience when shopping.

A seamless experience is a big plus for many customers. When people go shopping, they are typically motivated by the best products, the best prices, and memorable shopping experiences. Smart retail can help by providing all three. However, it is best placed to tackle issues regarding the in-store experience.

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Why is smart retailing better for retailers?

Leveraging a network of retail-tech channels creates a connected and tangible shopping experience and establishes frameworks for retail analytics. This is a good thing for retailers, as it means that all the diverse customer needs are catered for. It enables retailers to capture more data about their customers and their shopping habits.

Disorganized and disjointed shopping experience decreases customer satisfaction significantly. With more options available, customers are becoming increasingly transient, and therefore creating the perfect customer experience is a must. This requires an iterative process and smart retailing gives brands the potential to track customer insight and implement positive changes.

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  • Product performance analysis to understand why a product is over/underperforming.
  • Demographic drivers analysis to determine whether the right demographics are entering the store.
  • Using dwell time data to implement wait time reduction measures in service areas.

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