Exploring the Cutting-Edge AI Applications Enhancing In-Store Operations.

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Exploring the Cutting-Edge AI Applications Enhancing In-Store Operations.

Lowe's Companies, Inc. is ranked amongst the leading retailers in the artificial intelligence. Lowe's has used in-store smart robots since 2016. The retailer partnered with Fellow Robots to design the LoweBot, which can answer basic questions inputted via text by employees or customers. Customers can ask the LoweBot for a product’s location, and the device will accompany customers to the right part of the store.

Home Depot, have also been utilizing AI-powered chatbots since 2017 for their customer service. In collaboration with LivePerson, Home Depot has developed a highly interactive AI assistant, HomeBot, that can respond to customer inquiries via text.

Customers can seek assistance from HomeBot regarding a product's availability or location, and the AI assistant provides accurate, real-time information. Not only does it guide customers with textual directions, but it also offers a virtual map of the store layout, leading customers to the right section of the store seamlessly.

Retailers can leverage generative AI, such as ChatGPT 4, to enhance their customer service and employee support capabilities, by providing quick and accurate responses to queries related to product availability, location, and pricing, thereby improving the overall shopping experience.

By creating an alternative to Homebot & LoweBots using ChatGPT 4, retailers can offer a similar level of support at a lower cost & without the need for physical robots. Employees and customers can input their questions via text, and the AI model can provide accurate responses in real-time. This approach eliminates the need for customers to search for assistance or wait for an available employee, leading to a more efficient and convenient shopping experience that combines the art of customer service and the science behind the technology.

The AI can also assist in locating products within the store by guiding customers to the appropriate aisle or section. Additionally, customers can ask about pricing details, and the AI can provide up-to-date information on product prices or any ongoing promotions.

Store staff can rely on the personalised AI model to obtain accurate information about product specifications, features, or any recent updates. This can enable them to assist customers more effectively, especially when dealing with complex or technical inquiries.

Computer Vision for Queue Monitoring & Optimization

Checkout processes can often become bottlenecks in retail stores, causing frustration among customers due to long queues and huge loses in sales. Research has found that long queues are among the chief contributors to lost store revenue, costing retailers up to £12 billion each year in potential sales losses. Aura Vision's cutting-edge computer vision technology offers a transformative solution to streamline operations & enhance the customers' experience.

Aura Vision deploys in existing CCTV cameras at checkout areas. it's algorithm detects and monitors queue lengths and waiting times in real-time. By analyzing the video feed, the AI accurately counts the number of customers in line and estimates the average wait time. Armed with these insights, retailers can proactively manage their checkout operations, promptly opening additional registers when necessary to ensure efficient customer service.

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Aura Vision's AI tracks the store's customer behaviors, and identifies patterns or pain points in their checkout journey.

Virgin Media O2 recently deployed this technology in over 350 stores just in the UK, making them one of the leading retailers in AI adoption. After running a pilot, Virgin Media O2 teams managed to optimize staffing levels, make informed decisions regarding store layouts, and enhance overall operational effectiveness. Leveraging Aura Vision's state-of-the-art computer vision technology empowers VMO2 to optimize their conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and service efficiency, enabling them to continuously refine their strategies.

Aura Vision is launching in over 300 Virgin Media O2 stores
Hear how and why from our CEO Daniel Martinho-Corbishley& Head of Operations Virgin Media O2, brett st.clair

Real-time insights equip retailers with data-driven decision-making capabilities, ensuring that their in-store operations remain finely tuned to meet customer needs. With this powerful AI technology at their disposal, retailers can effortlessly create a seamless customer experience, thereby fostering stronger customer loyalty and driving business success.

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