Google’s Product Studio, Laneige’s Virtual Store, and Maximizing ROI with Retail Digital Signage.

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Google’s Product Studio, Laneige’s Virtual Store, and Maximizing ROI with Retail Digital Signage.

Google Unveils Product Studio for small and medium-sized retailers

Product Studio is a generative AI tool that allows merchants to take existing imagery and create new backdrops for it, remove backgrounds, and improve image resolution, making it easier for retailers to list on Google. Now, brands can craft stunning visuals directly within Google's Merchant Center Next, the platform designed to optimize product visibility on the search engine.

Google's commitment to simplifying the listing process continues with the automation of product feed setup. Merchants can rely on Google to detect and populate relevant product information from their websites, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Google is also making it easier for merchants to understand their performance by bringing all insights reports into the Performance tab. With this update, merchants will have one place to review their best-selling products, what businesses show up next to theirs, and even how shoppers are engaging with their local business on Search and Maps.

“For merchants with both online and local brick-and-mortar stores, Merchant Center Next will show all products in one comprehensive view, so it’s easier to manage online and in-store product inventory together,” the company wrote in a blog post. “We’ll also show new insights about the potential benefits of fixing errors in product data, so it’s easier to prioritise updates.”

🛍 Unified Inventory Management: For merchants operating both online and brick-and-mortar stores, Merchant Center Next provides a seamless, all-encompassing view of product inventory. Simplify management across channels to optimize your retail experience.

Laneige Launches First Virtual Store with Interactive Skincare Rooms

Laneige has recently unveiled its first-ever virtual store, offering an immersive and interactive online shopping experience. The store comprises of 5 interactive rooms showcasing Laneige's skincare collections in creative settings, such as underwater, on a cloud, and on a carousel. Notably, the Laneige Lab room provides customers with an in-depth view of the brand's skincare product ingredients, emphasizing their scientific expertise. Laneige products are currently sold in physical stores like Selfridges and Space NK.

 Julien Bouzitat, CMO of AmorePacific U.S. (parent company of Laneige), highlighted the virtual store's potential as a powerful customer engagement tool. By immersing customers in Laneige's unique scientific expertise and captivating digital content, the virtual store enhances the selection process for customers, making it easier to find the perfect skincare products.

 Utilizing animation, 360-degree videos, gamification, and user-friendly checkout options, the virtual store was built using Obsess's store builer. The founder and CEO Neha Singh stated that the company’s data shows virtual stores are increasing customer engagement and purchase behavior. The company has partnered with brands like Elizabeth Arden, Laura Mercier and others for their own 3D e-commerce spaces. More brands are opening virtual stores and simultaneously debuting products, including Tatcha and Tommy Hilfiger

Retail Digital Signage: Why it's important and how to measure its ROI

Digital signage is becoming increasingly significant in retail, offering a range of benefits that enhance the overall shopping experience and drive customer engagement. These displays not only entertain and captivate customers but also influence their purchasing decisions and decrease wait times, contributing to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. With 76% of consumers entering stores due to signage, it is crucial for retailers to understand the importance of digital signage to effectively stand out from the competition.

The benefits:

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Retail digital signage creates an immersive and interactive shopping environment, capturing customers' attention and keeping them engaged with dynamic content and visuals.

2. Influences Purchase Decisions: Interactive displays and engaging content can influence customers' purchasing decisions by showcasing featured products, promotions, and seasonal offerings, thereby increasing sales.

3. Reduced Wait Times: Digital signage can provide valuable information, such as product locations and promotional offers, helping customers navigate the store more efficiently and reducing their wait times.

4. Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities: Point-of-sale digital displays enable businesses to highlight complementary products or upsell premium items, leading to higher average transaction values.

5. Seamless Integration of Online and Offline Experiences: By displaying real-time online activities, social media updates, and special online offers, digital signage bridges the gap between physical and online stores, creating a unified brand experience


Aura Vision can play a pivotal role in measuring the performance of these displays. By harnessing real-time data from existing CCTV camera, retailers can gain a deeper understanding of customer demographics, behavior and engagement with the signage.

Here's how :


1. A/B Testing: Conduct A/B testing by using different content and placements for digital signage, and use Aura Vision's data insights to compare the performance and identify the most effective strategies.

2. Dwell Time Analysis: Measure the average dwell time of customers near digital signage displays to understand their impact on customer engagement and potential purchasing decisions.

3. Customer Journey Mapping: Aura Vision's data can help retailers map the customer journey, identifying touchpoints where digital signage contributes to the overall shopping experience and influences buying decisions.

4. Heatmaps and Zone Analysis: Utilize Aura Vision's heatmap analysis to identify hotspots where customers frequently engage with digital signage, indicating successful placements and areas for improvement.

This data-driven approach empowers retailers to optimize the placement and content of digital signage, ensuring it effectively drives customer conversions and enhances the shopping experience.

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