COVID-19 global lockdown roundup

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COVID-19 global lockdown roundup

The World Health Organisation has escalated the coronavirus outbreak from an epidemic to a pandemic. The world is reacting to the spread of the Coronavirus by implementing measures to slow the spread. This is truly a historic moment, with more than a third of the world’s population living under some form of lockdown.

The term lockdown refers to a wide range of measures aimed at limiting unessential contact between people. It includes anything from state-mandated geographic quarantines to recommendations to stay at home, closures of most types of businesses, or bans on events and gatherings.

We have developed a tool to help you visualize how past and current lockdowns are unfolding, using publicly available information but cannot be used to predict when exactly each lockdown will end.

Aura Vision Covid-19 lockdown tracker

Below is a summary and commentary of the some of the most recent lockdowns across the globe.


The UK went into full coronavirus lockdown on March 23. Movement has been restricted to movement relating to essential work, exercise, and purchasing food or medicine. Citizens will only be allowed one form of outdoor exercise a day.


Moscow has gone into lockdown with strict restrictions on movement. There are indications that residents will soon need passes to authorize their movement. At least 27 other regions in Russia have followed Moscow's lead. Russia has also closed its borders and cancels all international except those bringing Russians home.


South Africa went into a 21-day lockdown on Thursday, 26th March.


Australia closed non-essential businesses on March 23. On March 24, new restrictions for the whole country were imposed after a national cabinet meeting. Indigenous communities and isolated towns are enacting their own lockdowns and restricting entry to outsiders.


In Italy, a nationwide lockdown went into effect on March 10 that restricts virtually all aspects of life for its 60 million citizens, including retail, leisure, worship, imprisonment, and travel.


New Zealand enacted a mandatory 14-day quarantine for everyone entering the country. The country went on a month-long full lockdown on Wednesday 25th March.


Saudi Arabia locked down its capital and two holy cities on Wednesday 25. On Sunday 29, it locked down the city of Jeddah.


Colombia began a 19-day nationwide quarantine on March 24, with people over the age of 70 told to remain indoors until May.


India implemented the largest stay at home order to date. 1,3 billion went into full coronavirus lockdown for 21 days on March 24.


China implemented a lockdown of at least 16 cities at the end of January.

At the time this was the largest quarantine in human history. According to CNN International, China will lift the lockdown on Wuhan on April 8.


Belgium went on lockdown on March 17. The government asked citizens to stay at home and limit contact to their closest family. On Friday 27, the lockdown was extended to April 19.


Germany announced a shutdown of shops, churches, sports facilities, bars, and clubs in 16 states and is not planning to relax current restrictions on public life before April 20


France closed nonessential businesses. On March 16 it implemented a 15 day full lockdown, banning public gatherings and walks outside. According to Al Jazeera, the country will remain under lockdown until April 15 in light of growing infection and death rates.


Spain became the second European country to impose a nationwide quarantine on March 14. On Thursday, the lockdown was extended to at least April 12. Cases in Spain have increased tenfold since the state of emergency was first declared on March 14. 47 million residents remain in full lockdown.

To keep up to date with the latest please check out our Global Covid-19 Lockdown Tracker.

Aura Vision Covid-19 lockdown tracker

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