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Aura Vision x O2 Business

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Jamie O'Brien
Aura Vision x O2 Business

"Our partnership with O2 Business is a fantastic opportunity to show the clear benefits AI technology can provide for both organisations and their visitors – in retail and a host of other sectors. The tech is already delivering impressive results, and by adding 5G speeds into the mix, there's even more potential for using automated decisions and insights to drive further improvements in space management and in-store experience." - Daniel Martinho-Corbishley, CEO and Founder at Aura Vision

We are so happy to welcome O2 Business as our client. Our new video analytics technology is now active across twenty of O2's high street stores in the UK. Aura Vision Technology processes millions of data points every second to deliver insights to the O2 teams around customer movement, store entrants' demographics, dwell times, product conversions, display preferences and much more.

Using existing CCTV footage and without the use of facial recognition, our AI provides anonymous & privacy-protected reports that help turn the physical world into data points that measure in-store activities. This is especially important for retailers now as they recover from the pandemic's effects and are actively working towards optimising spaces.

O2 will use Aura Vision to provide spatial insights that can be used for a variety of purposes and across departments. This includes :

  • Monitoring and evaluating the optimal use of space during occupancies
  • Monitoring and analysing the flow and movement of individuals in a given environment to improve productivity.
  • Recognise how clients interact with various services.
  • Using anonymised AI-driven demographic analytics to understand consumers and visitors better so businesses can provide a more personalised experience.

All of O2's data is processed on-premise and is then encrypted and anonymised, therefore ensuring it is completely GDPR compliant and that no personal identifiable information is ever stored.

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